List of Links to the P&I Clubs

http://www.budd-pni.comP&I Club Budd Group SPA

North of England P&I Club

North is a leading mutual marine liability insurer providing P&I, FD&D, War Risks and ancillary insurance to shipowners worldwide. Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, where the company was established in 1860, we also have regional offices in Hong Kong, Piraeus, and Singapore.

Stream-Ship Mutual

The Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association (Bermuda) Limited (“Steamship Bermuda”) and The Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association Limited (“Steamship London”) are mutual Protection and Indemnity Associations, otherwise known as P&I Clubs. Both Clubs are members of the International Group of P&I Clubs and participants in the International Group Pool.

London Stream-Ship


The London Club is one of the world learning p&I associations of choice for quality shipowners.

American Club Mutual P&I Assiciation

The American Club was originally formed as a consequence of legislation passed in the United Kingdom at the height of World War I.

West Of England

The West of England is an international Protection and Indemnity Club, active all over the world in providing for the insurance needs of its Members and promoting and safeguarding their interests.

The Charterers P&I Club

Michael Else and Company Limited provides high quality, specialist insurance products to ship operators and charterers world-wide, combining the experience, commitment, service and ethos of a conventional P&I mutual club manager with the security of a fixed premium policy.

The Shipowners’ Club

The Shipowners’ Club has 150 years of accumulated experience in providing P&I insurance cover for the owners of smaller and more specialised commercial vessels.


Britannia is a Mutual Insurance Association of shipowners throughout the world, which is registered in the United Kingdom and regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority.

UK P&I Club

Dunelm Public Relations has been working internationally out of London for more than 25 years, proactively managing clients’ publicity programmes in terms of written communications and PR, advertising, conference and exhibition participation, and art and design work. Our international clients operate primarily in the shipping, marine insurance, transport, distribution, freight and industrial sectors.

Japan P&I

The Japan P&I Club is the sole organisation in Japan underwriting P&I insurance for both ocean-going vessels and Japanese coastal vessels. It was founded on 2nd October 1950 in accordance with the Ship Owners’ Mutual Insurance Association Law.

China P&I Club

China Shipowners Mutual Assurance Association, generally known as the China P&I Club or CPI , was set up in 1984 . The past years since then have witnessed a dramatic development and improvement on the aspects such as: entered tonnage, membership, management and level of services within such a short span of time.